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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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REM Associates of Princeton, Inc.
PO Box 7345
Princeton, NJ 08543-7345
Phone: 609.275.4444

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REM ASSOCIATES is a consulting firm uniquely qualified to provide management with advice and counsel on improving the effectiveness of moving products and information through the business, managing their related costs, and improving levels of service to their customers. This cycle begins with product sourcing, procurement, and manufacturing and continues through production planning and inventory control, warehousing, transportation, and delivery service to customers. Key to this chain of events – representing a broad spectrum of complex and interrelated business activities - is the order processing and customer service necessary to support the sales and marketing functions of the business. Lastly, critical to the success of these operating functions is forecasting and planning.


Since 1984 REM ASSOCIATES has been actively involved in working with management to improve business operations through broad spectrum of programs. These have ranged from planning operations strategies for multi-division companies to meet the goals and objectives of corporate long-range plans, to re-engineering demand chain operations including recommendations on organization and operations aimed at cost and service effective improvements.


Highlights of our services are as follows:

Supply Chain Management
We offer a full range of services in Supply Chain Management Planning and Strategy. We have completed assignments in Facilities Network Optimization, Supply Chain Strategy, eBusiness Plan Development, Transportation Strategy, Systems Integration, Fulfillment Operations, Inventory Management, as well as many others based on increasing supply chain effectiveness. Our services are based around the following:
  • Fully integrating the supply chain
  • Removing non-value-added services performed in all related functions
  • Utilizing outsourcing as a means to gain efficiencies
  • Focusing the company on core competencies and strengthening their value to customers
  • Removing time and costs from the system as a whole
  • Bringing superior value to customers
Warehousing and Distribution
These services are designed to assist management in the identification and implementation of material handling improvement opportunities within the warehousing and distribution functions. They examine product receiving, storage and handling, order selection, packing, and shipping. They can be effectively applied to companies that produce as well as distribute products to the market place. They are designed for continued internal monitoring and/or external assistance. Our services are based on the following:
  • Productivity of materials movement in support of customer requirements
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Reduction in materials movement costs
  • Improvements in productivity throughout all functions of product movement
  • Identify specific areas of activity that have the potential for more efficient performance
  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities and future benefits
  • Detailed action plans that can be implemented with or without our assistance
Operations Management
We assess and conduct diagnostic reviews of warehousing and distribution operations, including: purchasing, warehousing and facilities, delivery and equipment, customer service, and order processing functions. The results of our operations management assessments are as follows:
  • Detailed description of operations effectiveness and productivity
  • Specific recommendations on:
    • Warehouse layout
    • Warehouse storage and slotting
    • Operations methods improvements
    • Performance measures
  • Plan for implementation including tasks and timing
  • Reduction in warehousing and delivery costs of 15-20% (Based on our client experience)


These services are designed to assist management in the identification and implementation of cost reduction and service improvement opportunities in the transportation functions of the business. It examines material inbound, load planning and utilization, and finished products transportation to customers and can be effectively applied to companies that produce as well as move products to the market place. It is designed for continued internal monitoring and/or external assistance, and is based on:
  • Reducing overall transportation costs
  • Improving performance of transportation functions, tasks, and activities
  • Improving management controls
  • Improving service to customers
Inventory Management
Our Inventory Management services offer practical solutions to today's business managers. These services are designed to focus on Distributors and Wholesalers and are customized to meet your business' individual needs. We conduct a diagnostic review and perform an analysis of inventory and purchasing practices. This includes the procedures, policies, and inventory data and systems for managing inventory and purchasing product. Typically, we work with management toward the following goals in order to improve inventory management and maximize customer service levels:
  • A reduction in the size and cost of inventory
  • A reduction in delivered product costs
  • An increase in operational effectiveness
  • An increase in customer service levels
Financial and Operational Analysis
It is critical for management today to measure and benchmark costs, operations, and service. Drivers such as competitive pressure, market share, low cost producer, and service provider are requiring in-depth financial analysis for management decision-making. We provide financial analysis capabilities to assist management in this decision making process. These include:
  • Activity based costing and management
  • Cost and operational data models for "what if" analysis
  • Break even and gap analysis of operations and service
  • Productivity and operations benchmarking
  • Capital and operating cost analysis and budgeting
  • Cost and operational decision models
"Customer Service in consumer product retailing must exceed 98% to be competitive in today's marketplace."
Customer Service and Benchmarking
These services are designed to objectively measure and assess the quality of your products and the services you provide your customers. They examine the importance of individual quality factors and compare your performance to that of other suppliers in your industry and your direct competitors. They are designed to provide immediate and continuing input to your corporate and marketing planning processes. Our services concentrate on the quality factors that influence customer purchasing decisions. Our services provide the following:
  • An assessment of the level of quality that customers are receiving, and changes in that level that customers require
  • An analysis of the results of surveys reported
  • Benchmarks and potential opportunities for improvement are identified
  • Gap analysis of service offerings versus needs
  • Future benefits estimated
  • The leverage points in operations that can attract new customers, improve market share, and increase profits
  • A "Report Card" on the present status of business operations and a prioritized direction for actions to be taken aimed at future benefits
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